Cactus Corn is a local Arizona family-owned and operated brand since 1998. Their popcorn is a local's favorite at sports events and fairs. I had the opportunity to lead the design of their rebranded marketing, signage, website, food truck, and stadium concession stand. 
As the designer responsible for the website, brand identity, and collateral marketing materials for the family-friendly popcorn company, my goal was to create a visually appealing and engaging experience. The website showcases vibrant colors, playful illustrations, and product imagery, reflecting the fun and joyful nature of our brand. The brand identity features a cheerful and whimsical logo, which is carried through to collateral marketing materials such as packaging, labels, and promotional materials, creating a cohesive and recognizable brand presence. With a focus on creating a memorable and enticing brand experience, our designs aim to capture the hearts and taste buds of families seeking delicious and delightful popcorn treats.
Custom Website Design
Custom Food Truck & Trailer Design from Custom Template - Trade Show and Concession Stand for the Diamondbacks Stadiums
Social Media Graphics
Capabilities Deck
Print Design
Signage & Tent Design - Trade Show Booth
Brand Guide for Cactus Corn
Rebranding Cactus Corn: A Case Study in Elevating a Family-Friendly Popcorn Company's Brand Identity and Marketing Presence
Cactus Corn, a local family-owned and operated popcorn brand in Arizona, has been a beloved favorite among locals at sports events and fairs since 1998. This case study highlights my role as the lead designer in rebranding their marketing, signage, website, food truck, and stadium concession stand. By crafting a visually appealing and engaging experience, our goal was to elevate the brand's identity and create a cohesive and memorable presence that resonates with both existing and new customers.
The objective of this rebranding project was to revitalize Cactus Corn's image and expand its appeal to a wider audience while preserving its existing loyal customer base. The primary focus was to develop a brand identity, website, collateral marketing materials, and physical presence, that reflected the family-friendly and joyful nature of the brand.
Design Process:
1. Research and Discovery
- Conducted market research to understand the target audience, competitors, and industry trends.
- Explored Cactus Corn's history, values, and unique selling points to align the rebranding with the company's essence.

2. Brand Identity Development:
- Developed a brand style guide to ensure consistency across all touchpoints.

3. Website Design:
- Created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcased vibrant colors, playful illustrations, and enticing product imagery.
- Implemented a seamless navigation system and optimized the website for easy browsing and online ordering.

4. Collateral Marketing Materials:
- Designed packaging, labels, and promotional materials that carried a cheerful and whimsical brand identity, making the products visually appealing on the shelves.
- Ensured consistency in typography, color palette, and imagery to reinforce brand recognition.

5. Physical Presence:
- Crafted designs for a food truck and stadium concession stand that captured the essence of Cactus Corn's brand identity.
- Incorporated vibrant colors, playful illustrations, and clear signage to attract customers and create a delightful experience.
Results and Impact:
The rebranding efforts successfully rejuvenated Cactus Corn's image and expanded its customer base. The new brand identity, including the logo, website, collateral marketing materials, food truck, and concession stand, created a cohesive and visually appealing presence. The website saw increased user engagement and online orders, while the physical presence through the food truck and concession stand garnered attention at sports events and fairs, boosting sales and brand recognition. The rebranding positioned Cactus Corn as a go-to destination for families seeking delicious and delightful popcorn treats.
The rebranding of Cactus Corn exemplified the power of a well-executed design strategy in revitalizing a family-owned popcorn brand. By creating a visually appealing and engaging experience through the website, brand identity, collateral marketing materials, food truck, and concession stand, we successfully elevated the brand's image and expanded its customer base. The cohesive and cheerful brand identity resonated with both existing and new customers, establishing Cactus Corn as a beloved and recognizable presence in the local community.
I worked on this project while I was freelancing for Ivio Agency. 

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