Brand identity and logo design for a startup company in the tech and music space. The goal was to create a modern pop-art-inspired logo and brand identity that would capture the fun-loving and innovative nature of the brand. The inspiration was comics, pop art, the 90's web, and vintage cereal box design. The client also wanted to be able to have their logos work like a canvas, meaning that they would have multiple looks/styles, but still fit into a cohesive brand identity. 
My process began with a ton of visual inspiration, then I began sketching concepts. Once I found a solution that I liked, I digitally rendered it in Illustrator and played with various effects. I explored many possibilities, but the client and I both loved the original logo idea. It encapsulated the vintage comic-style text effect with a modern flair. The logo also captures the dynamic movement that relates to the brand's identity of innovation.
Then I began the "canvas" style logos for the brand to use on various mediums and platforms to provide a consistent but unique brand identity that is ever-evolving. This exploration was fun and allowed me to dive into many options. The inspiration for these came from cereal boxes for shapes, and 3D text effects to mimic the vintage "Superman" comic style and pop art. 
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Merging Tech & Music 
This case study showcases my creative process in developing a brand identity and logo for a tech and music startup company. The objective was to create a modern and playful brand identity that captured the innovative and fun-loving nature of the brand. Drawing inspiration from comics, pop art, 90s web design, and vintage cereal box aesthetics, I crafted a versatile logo and brand identity that could adapt to various styles while maintaining a cohesive look and feel.
Client and Project Background:
The client, a startup in the tech and music space, sought a compelling brand identity that reflected their dynamic and creative approach. They desired a logo and brand identity that embodied the essence of pop art, while also evoking nostalgia and playfulness reminiscent of the 90s web era and vintage cereal box designs. Additionally, the client requested a "canvas" approach, allowing for multiple logo styles that would consistently represent the brand but provide unique visual experiences across different mediums and platforms.
Design Process:
1. Visual Inspiration and Sketching:
To kickstart the design process, I immersed myself in visual references, exploring comics, pop art, 90s web design, and vintage cereal box aesthetics. This research phase allowed me to gather a wide range of inspiration and ideas. I then sketched multiple concepts, exploring different compositions, typography styles, and graphic elements that captured the brand's essence.
2. Digital Rendering and Exploration:
Once I identified a concept that resonated, I moved to digital rendering using Illustrator. I refined the chosen logo concept, experimenting with various effects and treatments to achieve a modern pop-art-inspired look. The goal was to strike a balance between vintage comic-style text effects and contemporary design elements that conveyed innovation and dynamism.
3. "Canvas" Style Logos:
To fulfill the client's desire for a flexible brand identity, I delved into creating "canvas" style logos. Drawing inspiration from cereal boxes and 3D text effects reminiscent of vintage "Superman" comics and pop art, I explored different shapes and visual styles. This allowed for an ever-evolving brand identity that maintained consistency while providing unique experiences across various mediums and platforms.
Results and Impact:
1. Capturing the Brand's Essence:
The final logo and brand identity successfully captured the brand's fun-loving and innovative nature, while paying homage to pop art, vintage comics, and nostalgic aesthetics. The blend of modern and retro elements conveyed the desired sense of playfulness and creativity.
2. Versatile and Cohesive Brand Identity:
The "canvas" style logos provided the brand with the flexibility to adapt and evolve across different mediums and platforms, while maintaining a consistent visual language. This approach allowed for creative freedom in representing the brand while ensuring a unified identity.
3. Evoking Engagement and Nostalgia:
The pop-art-inspired logo and brand identity resonated with the target audience, evoking a sense of engagement and nostalgia. The combination of vintage aesthetics and modern design elements created a visually compelling and memorable brand presence.
This case study showcases the successful creation of a brand identity and logo for a tech and music startup. Through careful exploration of pop art, vintage comics, 90s web design, and cereal box aesthetics, I crafted a versatile and cohesive brand identity that captures the brand's fun-loving and innovative spirit. The "canvas" style logos provide the flexibility to adapt to various mediums, ensuring a consistent yet evolving visual experience. 
I worked on this project while I was freelancing for Ivio Agency. 

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