The Social Changery is a consulting company based in California that focuses on building campaigns that "Do More Good". 
As the Creative Services Lead at The Social Changery, I spearheaded the Decoded brand's media campaigns across multiple platforms, including social media, display ads, billboards, and large-scale print. I helped to direct and conceptualize the website redesign and implemented a comprehensive rebranding strategy, enhancing our social media presence. My role also involved creating reports and presentations for diverse clients. For a major conference, I was responsible for designing the booth, developing marketing materials, and creating an academic session poster. My efforts resulted in a significant improvement in engagement metrics, tripling the projected target margins for media campaigns.
I worked on a report for The California Health & Human Services Agency (CalHHS) and the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI). 
Let's dive into the details...
Brand Identity & Creative Direction Case Study - Comprehensive Marketing Campaign
This case study highlights my expertise in graphic design and creative direction through the successful implementation of a comprehensive marketing campaign for a client. The project involved developing a brand identity, designing social media content, creating digital ads, designing billboards, and overseeing the website redesign. By applying a strategic and cohesive approach, I helped the client establish a strong brand presence and effectively engage their target audience across multiple channels.
Client and Project Background:
The client was a dynamic company seeking to enhance its brand identity and expand its online presence. The goal was to create a cohesive and impactful marketing campaign that would resonate with the target audience and increase brand awareness. The project encompassed brand identity design, social media content creation, digital ad campaigns, billboard design, and creative direction for the website redesign.
Design Process:
1. Brand Identity Design:
I initiated the project by conducting a thorough brand discovery phase, which involved understanding the client's values, target audience, and market positioning. Based on this research, I developed a comprehensive brand identity that included logo design, color palette selection, typography guidelines, and brand messaging. This ensured consistency across all marketing materials.
2. Social Media Content Plan and Templates:
To establish a strong social media presence, I created a content plan that aligned with the client's objectives and target audience preferences. This involved defining content themes, developing a posting schedule, and creating templates for consistent branding. I designed visually appealing and engaging graphics, incorporating the brand's visual elements to maintain a cohesive online presence.
3. Digital Ad Campaign:
I conceptualized and designed a digital ad campaign that would effectively reach the target audience. This included creating eye-catching ad designs with persuasive copy, tailored to different platforms and ad formats. I utilized graphic design techniques to capture attention, communicate key messages, and drive conversions.
4. Billboard Design:
To extend the client's reach beyond the digital realm, I designed captivating billboards. By applying principles of effective outdoor advertising, I created visually striking designs that conveyed the brand's identity, key messages, and call-to-action. The billboards were strategically placed in high-visibility locations to maximize exposure.
5. Website Redesign and Creative Direction:
As the creative director, I oversaw the website redesign process. Collaborating with a web development team, I provided art direction, guided the user experience (UX) design, and ensured seamless integration of the brand identity into the website. I aimed to create an intuitive and visually engaging website that reflected the brand's values and effectively showcased its services.
Results and Impact:
1. Increased Brand Awareness: The comprehensive marketing campaign resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness, reaching the target audience across various channels. The consistent brand identity and impactful designs contributed to brand recognition and recall among the audience.
2. Enhanced Online Presence: The social media content plan and templates led to a cohesive and engaging social media presence. The visually appealing graphics and strategic content improved audience engagement and follower growth, establishing the client as an authority in their industry.
3. Successful Digital Ad Campaign: The well-designed digital ads achieved improved engagement metrics on media campaigns by 3x more than the projected target margins. 
4. Increased Visibility with Billboards: The strategically placed billboards garnered significant visibility, attracting the attention of a wide audience.
5. Engaging Website Experience: The redesigned website provided a seamless and visually appealing user experience. The cohesive integration of the brand identity enhanced brand credibility, and the intuitive navigation and optimized design elements led to increased engagement.
This comprehensive marketing campaign exemplifies my capabilities in graphic design and creative direction. By developing a compelling brand identity, designing engaging social media content, creating impactful digital ads and billboards, and overseeing the website redesign, I helped the client establish a strong brand presence and engage their target audience effectively. This case study showcases my ability to develop cohesive marketing strategies and deliver impactful visual designs across multiple channels, resulting in increased brand awareness and business growth for the client.

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