This was an album cover redesign for Kikagaku Moyo’s song Dripping Sun. 
I embarked on a creative journey to design the cover for this record. I started by sketching the initial concept on paper, envisioning a vibrant and textured artwork. 
To bring my vision to life, I used a combination of traditional and digital mediums. I began by creating an abstract background using watercolor and acrylic paint. 
Once the paint was dry, I scanned the artwork and imported it into Photoshop, where I added digital enhancements and effects. To add depth and dimension, I incorporated watercolor layers, delicately blending translucent hues to create an ethereal atmosphere. 
The result was a captivating album cover that seamlessly merged the tactile qualities of acrylic paint with the versatility of Photoshop and the delicate touch of watercolor.

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